Ethical Principles and Publication Policy


In the submission, evaluation, and decision-making processes of articles, authors, referees, and editors must adhere to international ethical principles. The ethical policy of the International Journal of Gastronomy Research and the ethical responsibilities of the parties have been prepared on the basis of the rules, practices, and policies published by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and declared below:


-Originality: This article must represent original work and should not have been published elsewhere or be under review at another publication.
-Conflicts of Interest: Authors must disclose any financial or personal conflicts of interest at the time of writing the article. If there are any potential conflicts of interest, they should be clearly stated.
-Publication Permissions: All visual or written materials used in our article must be properly licensed, and their sources must be clearly cited.
-Citations: Citations and references to other works should be appropriately cited, and any material taken from another work should be clearly indicated.
-Contribution: Each author contributing to this article must have made a significant intellectual or practical contribution to the research and must have approved the final content of the article.
-Plagiarism: There must be no plagiarism or intellectual property theft in our article.
-Human and Animal Rights: If human or animal experiments are conducted in this article, they should have been carried out following the permissions and guidelines of the relevant ethical committees. Written consent from human subjects must be obtained for experiments involving them.


-Confidentiality: Referees should treat all materials they receive for review as confidential and not share, copy, or discuss them with others without authorization.
-Conflicts of Interest: If referees have any conflicts of interest that may affect their objectivity, they should declare them to the journal's editor and decline the review.
-Objectivity and Fairness: Referees should conduct their reviews objectively and fairly, providing constructive feedback to authors.
-Ethical Concerns: If referees suspect any ethical misconduct, such as plagiarism or data fabrication, they should report it to the journal's editor.
-Timeliness: Referees should complete their reviews in a timely manner, notifying the editor if they cannot meet the review deadline.


-Conflicts of Interest: I declare that I have no conflicts of interest that could influence my editorial decisions.
-Confidentiality: I will ensure the confidentiality of all submitted materials and maintain the anonymity of reviewers.
-Fairness: I will make editorial decisions based on the quality and relevance of manuscripts, without discrimination.
-Ethical Concerns: I will address any ethical concerns raised by authors, referees, or readers promptly and appropriately.
-Transparency: I will ensure transparency in the editorial process and provide clear communication to authors, referees, and readers.
-Quality: I will strive to maintain the quality and integrity of the journal's content.


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